I am an experienced Software Engineer, and a newly graduated Data Scientist with skills in Machine Learning, Statistics, and Mathematical Programming/Optimization.

I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with theses, “Convolutional Neural Network Visualization for fMRI Brain Disease Classification Tasks,” and, “A Level Set Approach for Solving Nonlinear Integer Optimization Problems,” respectively. Additionally, in my time as a master’s student I had the opportunity to work with Fatemeh Farajzadeh and Prof. Alex Teytelboym on an ARCHES lab research project with my advisor Prof. Andrew Trapp. The Refugees Uniting Through HIAS (RUTH) project intends to optimally relocate international refugees to the United States by matching communities and refugees in a way that optimizes the benefits to both. In its initial run, RUTH led to the successful relocation of over 100 refugees from Ukraine. Additionally, I delivered data driven insights for HIAS, and a publication at EAAMO ‘23.

I have several ongoing research projects yet to be published; please subscribe to my RSS feed to receive updates.

Having received my master’s in Data Science, I am actively seeking opportunities in the following roles: Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer/Scientist, Operations Research Analyst.